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Our goal at Volunteer Palm Springs (VPS) is to create a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout our community where our members can choose to volunteer their time and talent.  VPS will partner with local non-profits and community organizations to help promote Palm Springs through volunteer efforts which will help make our community stronger.

In addition, the P.S. Cares Palm Springs public safety program is designed to promote traffic, pedestrian and bicycle safety through education and awareness.  P.S. Cares is a program in partnership with the city of Palm Springs and the Palm Springs Police Department.

VPS aims to be fresh, innovative, fun and supportive in all of our programs and events.  Our unique ability to ‘pass through volunteers’ from our membership to help other non-profits with their fundraising events also provides a variety of opportunities to choose from throughout the year.

At the first of every month VPS sends out the ‘Top 10 Events’ in the Coachella Valley which highlights many activities, events, theater, etc. to keep our members connected to Palm Springs all year round.

Mission Statement:  “To inform, inspire and initiate volunteerism in Palm Springs through dialogue and programs which enhance our quality of life and the sustainability of our community.”

Volunteer Palm Springs is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization.  There is no membership fee to join.  All e-mail personal information shared with VPS is strictly confidential.  Donations to VPS are used to support our activities, public safety programs and ongoing administrative costs.  All Board members/leadership are volunteers (no paid staff).


David Carden, jr. - Founder/Chair    
Dale Maguire - Treasurer    
Kate Rice - Secretary    
Larry Warnock - Board Member    
Greg Jones - Board Member    
Nikki Stone – Board member    
Shelly Saunders – Board member    
Judy Mason - Board Member    

Volunteer Palm Springs Executive Board

David Carden, jr. – Founder/Chair 

For over fifty years David has devoted himself to community service and has a passion for leaving his mark as someone who ‘gets things done,’ helping to make a difference and inspiring others to volunteer.  David has been a Realtor for 35+ years and is the founder/chair of the Baristo Neighborhood Organization, member of ONE PS neighborhood organization in Palm Springs and the Neighborhood Watch coordinator for the Rose Garden community and sits on numerous committees benefiting our community.  Ever the unofficial ‘cheerleader’ for Palm Springs David is a popular guest speaker for community organizations.

Dale Maguire - Treasurer

Dale has been involved with community service for over 25 years and, as a former teacher and educator, understands the importance of volunteerism in helping to make a difference in our community.  He is active in local politics and involved in many environmental and conservation-oriented organizations.  As a Realtor he understands that a healthy community environment depends on the partnerships between residents, businesses and city officials.

Kate Rice - Secretary

Larry Warnock - Board Member

Larry is owner of Warnock Fine Arts, and has been active in volunteer organizations for more than 30 years. Before moving to Palm Springs, he served as board member for several arts organizations in San Francisco, including the Achenbach Graphic Arts Council, the California Society of Printmakers, and the San Francisco Center for the Book. Larry first began doing volunteer work in high school, and it has continued to be a priority in his life, working with the disabled and with Aids organizations.

Greg Jones - Board Member

Greg is president of Desert Welcome, a community-based organization that works with real estate agents, HOA’s, community organizations and city governments to form a welcome program for new residents who have recently moved to the desert.  He is also president and marketing director for Local’s Choice Publishing, whose publications promote using locally owned businesses through various guides including the ‘Top 10 Events’ every month.

Judy Mason - Board member 

Judy brings a Canadian perspective to our Board.  With summers in Alberta and winters in the Coachella Valley, she qualifies as a ‘snowbird.’  Judy has a BA from University of Saskatchewan and spent most of her professional career working for the Canadian government in Corrections and later in the Social Services field.  She took an early retirement in 2000 and started a small management consulting company, specializing in group facilitation, team building, strategic planning and various forms of writing.  Most of her clients were local non-profit agencies.  She volunteers extensively in both Canada and Palm Springs and has been part of VPS since its inception in 2010.

Nikki Stone  - Board member

Nikki is the perfect fit to act as the VPS Volunteer Coordinator. She retired from
Desert Regional Medical Center where she was employed as the Director of Volunteer Services for more than 20 years. She was in charge of more than 450 adult volutneers and created the summer ‘volunteen’ program for local teenagers, both are still in existence to this day.

In her ‘second act’ Nikki volunteers with at-risk teens, sits on the Board of Well in the Desert and is active in local politics. Nikki takes great pride in helping maintain the best ‘desert resort city’ in the country. Nikki says volunteers are the heart and soul of our community! We agree.

Shelly Saunders  - Board member

Born and raised in Palm Springs, Shelly Saunders brings over 30 years of volunteer
community service to our Board. Raising two sons (Scott, Jr. and Steven) she has enthusiastically volunteered for PS Youth Baseball/Football, Parent Teacher Association, Palm Springs High School Alumni Association (current President), and Palm Springs City Boards: Parks& Recreation, Palm Springs Historical Board and Police Advisory Board. Shelly brings her talent and energy to VPS where Shelly and David Co-chair P.S. Cares public safety program in partnership with the Palm Springs Police Department.

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