With the help and support of our community, the streets of Palm Springs are about to become a lot safer! Whether you are a full or part-time resident or just visiting, we want you to feel welcome and safe wherever you go.

Volunteer Palm Springs (VPS) has created a public safety program -- P.S. CARES -- to help prevent injuries and save lives on our city streets. Statistics indicate an increase in vehicle-pedestrian accidents. Along with the addition of 30+ miles of bicycle lanes, low-density lighting and traffic congestion, everyone needs to take responsibility for their own safety when they leave home.

The core elements of P.S. Cares are education and awareness. Most accidents are due to distraction, speed and visibility. Whether you are walking or bicycling, our custom-designed reflective safety vest and P.S. Cares LED Flashlight can help you and your loved ones avoid or prevent an accident.

The concept of the program is simple – the more you talk about safety, and practice good safety habits, the safer our streets will become. We all have to do our part to ensure our safety and the safety of others. The P.S. Cares Palm Springs/Public Safety program has been carefully designed to focus on bicycle, pedestrian and traffic safety. Our brochure contains valuable safety tips for everyone.

Sharing this information and encouraging a safety dialogue with your family, friends and visitors can help keep everyone safe – including your pet (doggie vests are also available!).

Start talking about safety today!
Do your part to stay SAFE in Palm Springs.

There is nothing more precious than a human life.
The life you save might just be your own!

Proud to be partners with the Palm Springs Police Department with our new P.S. Cares Public Safety Program! (L to R: Sgt. Mike Villegas; Cpt. Peeters; Chief Bryan Reyes
and VPS founder/Chair David Carden, jr.)


RE: "Living the Modern" Home Tour Fundraiser
Sunday, Feb. 19th 5pm–7pm
benefitting P.S. Cares Public Safety Program

Local Joshua Tree graffiti artist, Tommy Wonder will complete a large-scale, one-of-a-kind, graffiti art piece during the upcoming "Living the Modern" home tour at a private residence this Sunday. The private home in the Movie Colony has never been open to the public until now and features disappearing glass walls, expansive contemporary/modern architectural design and sweeping majestic mountain views.

The large wall is located outside, and is the perfect location for this cutting-edge contemporary/modern look. Tommy Wonder is working all week, and will be completing the art piece during the cocktail party, home tour on Sunday from 5 – 7 p.m.

“What better way to celebrate architecture and art, than a ‘live’ performance by this talented graffiti artist,” said David Carden, jr., chair of Volunteer Palm Springs. “It is the ultimate ‘Living the Modern’ experience!”

The tour benefits Volunteer Palm Springs’ new public safety program P.S. Cares. This new program is designed to promote education and awareness of traffic, pedestrian, and bicycle safety on our city streets. It also includes custom-designed reflective safety vests for both adults and their pet dogs. As part of Modernism Week events, tickets can be purchased online at www.modernismweek.com/event/249777/

If you go:
"Living the Modern" Home Tour
When: Sunday, February 19th from 5 – 7 p.m.
Where: Address and details provided online
Cost: $100 per person
Info: www.modernismweek.com/event/249777/
Contact: David Carden, jr. 760.902.2297

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